Money People Honesty Debts Paid

Money People Honesty Debts Paid – I want to talk about money and people and people paying their debts. I have and still providing services online with digital products, signs and computer freelancing work. I am a graphic designer and webmaster plus sign production and manufacturer. I have done many jobs for people and well I expect payment when job is completed. Sometimes there are circumstances when the client doesn’t have all the money when payment is due. I understand it and trust people but how come that everyone is the same? Mostly all people who I trusted on with owing me and not paying the debt then tries to avoid me and not pay me? what is the deal here? is there someone out there that is differently? paying the debt without any hustle? I haven’t any luck with this. It seems that everyone I know or meet is the same. Love for the money too much that don’t care about being honest. I think honesty and paying that person is the most important situation.

Sometimes even family members love their money so much that they don’t care about their family. It is unbelievable these days for me and my experiences. How come we love more the money and not the person? Sometimes people lose a very important friendship or family member just because their greed by wanting more.¬†Money People Honesty Debts Paid. Yes I am very puzzled by this? I have dealt with lots of people this year (2017) and going to (2018) and still the same experiences. I just can’t believe it. Good thing I am not that way. I rather pay my debts and not lose that special person. Why lose someone’s friendship over $100 or $200? I wish we weren’t that greedy. I know we all need money but if you owe that money and is not yours then just go ahead and pay it because that money is not yours. You are stealing from another person by not paying and you are losing their relationship with you and will be hard for you to get it back.

I just wanted to express how I am feeling and sharing my opinion with you maybe there are some people out there that are going through what I am going through. Maybe you owe some money to someone and don’t want to pay? Go ahead and pay what is not yours. Comment here if you connect with my feelings and opinions. Well good night and have a good night sleep!

Money People Honesty Debts Paid

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