Managing People at work

Managing People at work – I have never been a manager but I think I could be a better manager then some individuals out there. Managing people at the work place I think is not easy but I know what or how a business run. I will talk about what I have gone through at some companies out there. I must tell you that it is hard to find a good boss and a manager. I have met many people out there and wow I get shocked the way they try to manage.

Some people think they deserve respect only because they are on top maybe a little higher then your position. They think only because they have that title they deserve respect and the feel they have power over you.

I don’t think it is that way at all. I or you we have to earn that respect with doings. Yes, in order for someone to fully give you the respect you have to be a respectful manager and also care for your people. Some manager’s only care about money and not the people (Employee’s). Some manager’s didn’t earn my respect because they just didn’t. I can never give my full respect to a person that doesn’t care about you.

I have had some Bosses that first they have said they cared about me and their employee’s and their family and blah blah blah and at the end; they don’t care about no one just their money and profit. They are just in love with the power and money and being a boss. I think a good boss is hard to find, I’ve had many bad experiences in the past that one day I want to be my own boss. Currently at this time I do work for a company and I have found the best boss. Wow it is amazing to find one! but yeah there are great bosses out there and is just way to hard to encounter one.

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I thin I would make a great boss because I have been an employee for a long time. I am planning very slowly to one day have my own business and be my own boss. I would say you don’t gain respect; you earn respect no matter who you are. If you are an employee or boss a manager you earn the respect. This is how I feel, maybe you feel differently. If you do you more than welcome to submit your comments and feedback.

Finding a great job takes time. Finding a great pay even takes longer. I hope you find this website useful for all employers and employee’s searching for that right job.